The Garden PrepperHomesteadingHuman and Animal Wastes to Heat and Power Your Home? [Video]


Human and Animal Wastes to Heat and Power Your Home? [Video] — 1 Comment

  1. I was watching you video and listening the speech for half our: I would like to know who I can build one of this. At least two years ago I started to think about it, to build a micro farm, and this would be one of my basic plan. But I still have no farm yet and a bio gas station is around 3-4 million US$ in Hungary. So I was thinking this is a good idea, but to expensive. Now maybe I found the solution, to produce my on bio gas on my future farm. I would like to get some information, how can I build the safest and cheapest way to use the black water, use the kitchen left over food and from the garden green and animal waste product. How big container I need for a small farm with few pork or cow and chicken.
    Thank you Laszlo Takacs

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