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DIY: Natural Homemade Weed Killer That Really Works — 37 Comments

  1. Is this formula safe for animals? I don’t want to use chemicals in my yard because of my dogs and if this formula is safe for dogs, it would be great!!!

  2. Is the DIY weed killer (vinegar, epsom, soap) ok to use around trees, bushes and grass? Will it kill those as well?

  3. So far I have tried regular vinegar and white vinegar, with Epsom Salts (magnesium sulfate), and our usual dish soap. It hasn’t worked for me. I have sprayed the same area on three different days, and if anything some weeds appear to be growing better.
    Which ingredient is supposed to kill the plants and how does it work? I know a bit about plants. I am in Costa Rica. Perhaps our weeds are stronger.

  4. How long does this stay active on the ground? Would rain dissolve it?
    Could I sue it like Glyphosate to clear a plot of weeds, and then re seed it after a few weeks?

  5. I have heard Epson salt might destroy the soil and make it unusable. Has anyone gotten any experience or feedback on this? Thanks!

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