Bird Feeder DIY – Embellish Your Garden

Every year I try to make my garden stand out. This year I wanted birds in my garden, to hear their trills every morning i wake up.

What better idea than a bird feeder? I started looking for ideas and in a few clicks time i found my project. If this is your first woodworking project, you need to really take the time to look for the easiest/nicest bird feeder you can make. Now back to my project …. after a few more clicks into gardening hacks, i found out another interesting fact!

Birds need water!

Well … this is something i knew already, but I didn’t knew that if they don’t find water close by, they will eat your vegetables out of thirst!

Water will stop the birds from eating all your hard word. You can have water in a bucket, in a cup or just a small artificial pond. Some people have a rain barrel in their yard… birds can drink from that. If you have chickens in your backyard you will definitely have to have a chicken waterer, where the birds could also drink water. I’m sure you can think of something for your garden…. or better said, for your birds.

Visualize your bird feeder

You can find a bunch of bird feeder plans over the net! I found some great ideas and started from there …

Here is one easy idea for a bird feeder that i have made in my garden >>> A ladle pinned to your choice of wood in the garden.

I have pinned it to a bird house that i have made (also diy)  and it looks and works great.

Another one that I’ve made and also looks great is the one i have on my shed. This is much nicer because it has a roof to keep birds out of the rain and also keep the food dry. My wife painted this bird feeder for a much nicer look and the finished product looks like bought from the market. If you have the time for this, you should also let your artistic side take over and see where it gets you.

You’ll be surprised …. like we were, when you finish the project.

I also want you to see that is working

This photo of the bird feeder is with 2 birds going out for a snack on a rainy day!

Because you have such an amount of ideas on the net, you shouldn’t stop on just one. Make more bird feeders and birds will show up. They don’t really care about the look 🙂

Bird Feeder Ideas

Here are some more ideas … doable, that I came across:

I posted this first because it inspired me, for my own. Looks great and also looks DIY. I don’t really like bought ones. I like making my own projects in the garden. Soon as they are done you feel incredible, it’s something magic and fun to build stuff  …. but i guess you know what i mean if you’re here :).

The second one is easier to make. As you can see there are all unpainted and unvarnished. You really have to think about painting it as you will probably keep the bird feeder outside in the rain.

And for the last one ….simple yet elegant, this cup feeder looks amazing.

This idea is great!  …. but keep it out of the rain since the water will splatter all seeds out of the cup.

I hope you will enjoy making your own DIY bird feeder and also a DIY bird house. They look great in my backyard and the birds really animated my garden. I will make other ones too … just for the fun of it.

I almost forgot: I hear trills in the morning! Wonderful.

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