The Most Interesting 17 DIY Christmas Gifts to Help You Start Making Spectacular Presents


DIY Crafts take time… I have said it once and I will say it again, people who do not craft don’t understand why stores like Hobby Lobby get their Christmas stuff out in July. Their reasoning is actually pretty simple – making beautiful crafts take time. The good or bad news, depending on how you look at it, is you have only about ninety days left until Christmas rolls around.

DIY Christmas Gifts

Here are some fun, creative ideas if you are looking to have an “I made it for you” Christmas.

DIY Christmas Gifts You Should Start Crafting Now

Toddlers and Children

1. Personalized Coloring Book

This one requires you to have adobe photoshop elements. If you don’t though, that is okay too. Check out PicMonkey and see if they have something similar. Either way, what child wouldn’t love a to color a picture of themselves or someone they love?

An added benefit is if maybe you live further away from family members, and want your child to remember a special time with the people they don’t get to see as often.

2. Hooded Towel

To Simple Bliss: my almost teenage daughter is asking for this for Christmas now.

I guess it would be easy to say that this one would be liked by kids of any age – even adults that we all know are truly kids.

I like the tutorial, it is pretty simple. It only takes two towels and some ribbon that matches. I was going to say cute ribbon but the towel could be made for a boy that doesn’t want “cute”.

3. Tic-Tac-Toe to Go

Megan over at Balancing Home created this cute little bag because her children are into rocks. I added this because I am definitely considering making this for my eleven-year-old sister and my two girls because they spend so much time traveling.

Having the tic-tac-toe rocks already available to where all they have to do is pour them out and the board is right there almost makes it easier than card games that could easily go flying everywhere!

She didn’t color the rocks but if you had a child that preferred a certain color, this is an additional creative touch that will give the little ones something extra to enjoy.

4. Art Travel Kit

Jo Ann over at Whimsicle decided to make this tutorial and I cannot be more excited about it. My oldest daughter can be caught drawing on anything, no matter how many art teachers tell her not to. I, personally, don’t see it as a problem but if I can give her a pretty notepad without lines to draw on, I feel like the art gods look down on me and smile. Or at least the art teacher at my school would.

Maybe you have a child who loves art. Giving them a place to store their pencils and pad is a perfect Christmas present.

5. HopScotch Mat

I can honestly say that this tutorial is really simple. Several years ago, when my eleven-year-old sister was four years old, I made this hopscotch mat for her for Christmas. My dad’s house is really large and they have a basketball area. She was able to roll it out and the girls played hopscotch for at least half an hour before she finally rolled it up, with a big grin on her face.

This post is, in some ways, to tell you what a great idea it is for you to make this mat but, in some way, to tell The Idea Room‘s bloggers thank you for creating a gift that my sister loves!

6. Kid-Friendly Garden

Katie, one of the sisters behind A Beautiful Mess, came up with this idea and I just had to share it with you. I am a big fan of gardening and I know what a bummer it is for the whole family when the winter months creep along and we are no longer able to pull goodness from the ground.

She took a box and decorated it to look like wood and then made pillows to fit the box. You would need to make as many as you would need to put your vegetables and fruit in. She gives the full explanation over at the blog, I am the messenger. The messenger who might be making this for her two-year-old nieces!

7. Making a Tent

David and Caroline Parker made this tent using a blueprint from Ana White, some material they already had, and about twenty dollars worth of material. If you are big into Do-It-Yourself and you have little ones, I highly recommend Ana White’s blueprints. They are free and help you to make things for way less than you would purchase it for.

For example, the Chelsea bed that is made by Pottery Barn costs seventeen hundred dollars and can be made using an Ana White blueprint for about three hundred dollars. That’s a considerable amount of change.

Anyways, this tent is sure to be loved by little ones as they do anything from Indian events to tea parties. You should join in on the fun!

8. Make them the Super Hero

Piera Jolly, or the Jolly Mom came up with this idea for her son’s birthday party. She pointed out that it is a no-sew tutorial and it only cost her about two dollars to make.

I like that you can take the one tutorial and turn it into many different creations – girl’s Wonder Woman or a boy’s Batman. Maybe they are an Iron Man fan. Well… I don’t know what to tell you there.

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Teens and Adults

9. Travel and Jewelry Case

This was the first one that I saw and immediately knew I had to add this to the adult post. My mother travels quite frequently coming to see us from Tennessee to Texas. She also is a bit girlier than I am, making sure to have her makeup and jewelry with her.

This group of fabric and the polka dot ribbon really say country chic. If this describes a teen or adult in your life, then be sure to check out the blog post here.

10. Cord Holder

Let’s be honest, we live in a world where it is important to have chargers on us. When I am headed to work there are days when I carry my personal computer, an iPad, and my phone with me. Although I am good about making sure my cords are put away nicely, they are still in a messier state than I would like.

Having a cord holder is a smart thing for teenagers, young adults in college, and adults. Heck, these days It might even be a great gift for a child. The only difference is they are less likely to appreciate it. Brit + Co did a great job with this tutorial and have me thinking I might need to make it… for myself.

11. Pillowcase for Teen

Melissa over at Polkadot Chair came up with this idea when her daughter was carrying multiple items, traveling from her bedroom to the living room. Poor daughter dropped everything halfway on her journey. Then the light bulb came on.

This sends you to a blog post that tells you to purchase her book, Project Teen. I love the different ideas enough that I plan to purchase the book very soon for my sewing class I might one day have (I’m a home economics teacher after all, and I plan for everything).

If purchasing the book is not for you but you know how to sew, this shouldn’t be a difficult craft to make. Another thing to consider is seeing if your library or one nearby might have it in stock!

12. For the Coffee Lover

I am a big coffee fan and the best part about it is in my family I am not alone. I could make one for every member of my father’s side of the family. No joke- I have seen them have two or three cups and go to bed.

They are all getting coffee cozies this year. It’s easy to make and you can do different designs and decide if you make your cozie for a male or female.

This could be a great gift for teachers, family members, or secret Santa at work. Special shout out to Simply Notable for the great tutorial.

13. Bombs Away with Relaxing Bath Bombs

The people over at Swanson allowed a guest blogger to work their magic and create Do-It-Yourself Bath Bombs and I couldn’t be more excited.

The best part about this post is that you should have all these ingredients at home. You can add scents if you’d like as well. The only thing stopping me from making this craft right now is that I haven’t bought the mold… yet. I plan to soon because the price is perfect.

If you have all the ingredients on hand, and you spend the few dollars for the mold, then you can make several gifts and are only out a few dollars.

14. Photo Clipboard

This is a great tutorial for any new grandparent or, well, any grandparent. You could also take this idea and really run with it, changing it up to fit the person. If you have a teenager you could do “Friends: The Spice of life” or for the newlyweds “Insert new Last Name: established 20xx”

My Simple Obsession had a great idea when she came up with this. It is whimsicle and cute with a rustic touch as well. I know that a gift like this would be sure to make the new owner smile.

15. Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

My daughter asked that I add this one to the list. The girl swears by salted caramel anything. The only thing that might make her question whether or not to get a salted caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks, is when it is Christmas and they have the Peppermint Mocha.

Anyways, this recipe is fairly simple to make and delicious enough that she had people wishing they would have remembered it. I love that Nikki uses real ingredients and highly recommend you follow her recipe over at Seeded at the Table.

16. Tied Fleece Blanket

Randi came up with this fabric tutorial that is perfect for someone who is not as experienced with the sewing machine. Blankets are always a good thing to have around, even in the summertime. It could be used as a picnic blanket or used inside when the air conditioning is set too cold or there’s a fan going.

This one has the added benefit of it being easy enough that a child would be able to help you. Check it out over at A Fresh Squeezed Life.

17. Picture Candle

My daughter decided that this is what she is going to make my mother for Christmas because she loves candles and memories. I have to smile as I think, “I wonder if she is going to put any pictures from our trip to Dollywood or Pigeon Forge?”

This is a great way to celebrate all the fun that you have had with a special person throughout the year. It’s as if you light the candle for them and the memories. I love this.

Dramer over at Love This Pic created this idea that requires a few simple ingredients in order for you to be able to remind the ones you love just how much you love them.



They say that time is money so when you are handmaking a gift, you are putting your time and therefore, your money into making something special. That says “I care enough about you to make this“.

I used to cringe at the idea of giving someone something just because I made or sold it but as I have gotten older I understand that if you cater it to the person, then the gift is very special. I am grateful for the apron that my sister made me on the sewing machine of our grandmother and likewise, my little sister loves the hopscotch that I made her.

It’s all in the eyes of the beholder. Happy Crafting!

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